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1. We accept VISA, MasterCard and PayPal.

 2. We ship world wide. International express shipping via DHL costs 30 EUR and takes about 2-5 working days. 

 3. If you want to cancel or exchange your order you are welcome to contact us, but please read EXCHANGES, RETURNS AND REFUNDS in our TERMS & CONDITIONS section.

 4. If you have trouble tracking your order please go to the Icelandic Mail website (www.postur.is) and insert the tracking number. If the order was sent via UPS then go to ups.com and insert the tracking number.

 5. To determine your size. We use centimeters for the length of chains and the inside circumference in millimeters for rings. To convert to other systems please go to the SIZE CHART next to the item being viewed and convert to the size relevant to your country.

 6. All payments are made using the most advanced encoding methods.

 7. Goods ordered within and outside the EU may incur import taxes by Custom & Excise in the respective countries.

8. The materials used are of the highest quality and the purity of metals and diamonds are certified by us. Following are the materials we use and their markings.

Silver marked “925“ contains 92.5% pure silver or more.

Silver marked “999 “ contains 99.9% pure silver or more.

Gold marked “750“ (18k) contains 75% pure gold or more.

Gold marked “585“ (14k) contains 58.5% pure gold or more.

White gold marked “585“ (14k) contains 58.5% pure gold or more and 19% palladium.

White gold marked “750“ (18k) contains 75% pure gold or more and 19% palladium.

Platinum marked “950“ contains 95% pure platinum or more.

The diamonds are almost exclusively F+ VVS diamonds of the highest quality.

Items containing two different metals are marked with the lower quality metal, for example if an item contains both 999 silver and 925 silver it will be marked with 925.



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