Orr is Shop of the Year / 2016

Posted by Heiða Jónsdóttir on

Orr has been awarded Shop of the Year 2016 by the city of Reykjavík in february 2017.


Shop of the Year awards (Njarðarskjöldurinn) are granted every year by the City of Reykjavík, the City Centre Alliance, the Association of Merchants, the Icelandic Federation of Trade, Federation of Trade and Services, Global Blue – Iceland and Taxfree Worldwide.

The awards are tokens of recognition and encouragement granted annually to stores and shop owners for their innovation and great service to the tourist industry. Recipients of the Reykjavík Shop of the Year Awards are primarily rewarded for innovation and success, and particularly for generating tourist sales. Marketing and communications merits are also evaluated, together with service, opening hours, tax refund signage, lighting, accessibility, language proficiency and product knowledge.





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