"Earth and Water"

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 Orr participates in "Earth and Water" - an exhibition of contemporary Icelandic-Finnish jewellery design at Hanasaari Cultural Centre as part of  Helsinki's designation as World Design Capital 2012. 

The exhibition will travel to Iceland and will be on display in the Nordic House, spring 2013.

The exhibition features five designers from Iceland and five from Finland:


Guðbjörg Ingvarsdóttir

Hildur Ýr Jónsdóttir

Hafsteinn Júlíusson

Helga Mogensen


Helena Lehtinen

Sari Liimatta

Eija Mustonen

Anu Peippo

Anna Rikkinen & Nelli Tanner 

"For a city of its size, Reykjavik has an incredible large number of custom jewellery studios where artists create their own collections."  ... "The exhibitions features artists representing this Icelandic tradition of custom work, such Kjartan Örn Kjartansson and Ástþór Helgason, who create unique works at Orr." -Påivi Ruutianen, exhibition curator.

The M81 Ring, one of the pieces exhibited by Orr.


Elín Flygenring, embassador in Finland wearing Orr's Kúla Ring. 


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