Orr var stofnað árið 2001

Orr skartgripir fást í verslun okkar á Laugavegi 101. Valdir gripir eru fáanlegir í gegnum heimasíðu Orr.

Skartgripirnir eru handsmíðaðir og er hver hlutur einstakur, því verður framboð og úrval Orr skartgripa síbreytilegt.


Kjartan Örn Kjartansson gullsmiður




Orr opened in Reykjavik in 2001, aspiring to create imaginative pieces.

Today, Orr fine jewellery is sold at various stores and museums, and a selection of jewellery is available through the Orr website.

Wanting to maintain their way of designing and making their jewellery as unique items, their availability and variety will be ever changing.





The pieces are one off designs made by hand using only the best materials at their workshop in Reykjavík.

The workshop is where it all happens, it is where we design and make our jewellery, it is where we do our experimenting and it is where we collaborate to make something new happen.

It can at times be chaotic place filled with energy, tools metals and designs where everything is permitted a stark contrast to the store that sits above it minimally displaying the outcome of the work being done below.

At other times it can be a well organized and disciplined place where precision work is being carried out in a tranquile manner. 



Orr is located on Laugavegur 101 in the heart of Reykjavík.

The store sits directly over our workshop and is where we try out new ideas and connect with our customers.

The idea was to make a living store where you can enjoy discovering something new each time you visit.


Laugavegur 101
105 Reykjavík
Tel +354 511 6262
Fax +354 511 6263
Official website:
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